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Welcome to my website

Welcome to website! I hope you like the design :-)
You can find on my website:

Maik T.

latest news

  • Foreign instagram profile
    I discovered a foreign Instagram profile (@maikter) that links to this website.
    The person behind that instagram profile is not associated in any way with me. If you're looking for more info about that person, you're definitely at the wrong place.

  • Back from new Zealand
    After 32 hours of travelling on planes and at airports, I am back in Munich.

  • Back from Australia
    After 27 hours of travelling on planes, at airports and on trains, I am back in Munich. I took a lot of photos on the other side of our great planet. I already registered a new domain name. ;-)

  • Munich
    I successfully moved to Munich, Germany.

  • My World
    July 18, 2010:
    Welcome to my World! I just launched, a new startpage concept for "location based websites". I'm working on several free regional, national and international web projects. This "startpage" not only helps to improve search engine rankings of my websites, but also it's a little bit R&D for future projects.;-) More info about my new ideas: Later!

  • Update!
    June 12, 2010:
    I just completed the creation of a new website. The Relaunch of Reiner Ter Photography has been successfully finished. Let’s go international! The Website is available in german and english.

  • Updates
    There were not many updates by me lately.
    Yes, I am still here! :-)
    I'm working on several new projects.
    Details later on my blog.

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